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Aircraft Maintenance Complex

Location of Work:

Utah Air National Guard Base, Salt Lake City, Utah

Completion Date:

March 2003


This multi-phased project included the construction of a new 2-story 38,000 square foot Aircraft Maintenance Facility, construction of a new 5,000 square foot office building, remodel of 2 Aircraft Hangars, major remodel of existing Maintenance Building, and the demolition of 6 existing buildings. Work included all divisions and was phased to allow the Owner to move and relocate personnel at various times throughout the project. Common Support: vestibules, waiting area, break room, conference room, storage, electrical/UPS rooms, communications rooms, mechanical rooms, generator room, corridors, janitor closet, stairs and mezzanine. Administrative Areas: secretary/receptionist, supervisor and dispatch center offices, communications room, offices and restrooms. Operations Areas: apparatus bays, pressure washing equipment rooms, breathing apparatus recharging room, gear cleaning room, disinfection/EMS/decontamination room, fire extinquishers, storage rooms. Personnel Support Spaces: toilets and lockers, showers (complete military personnel locker room), physical training facilities, kitchen, dining room, refrigerator/freezer room, pantry, library/meeting room(s), recreation area, day room, laundry room. Site Work: sidewalks, parking, exterior lighting, landscaping and aircraft paving