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Malmstrom AFB Shopping Center


This $9.9 mil design-build project, designed LEED Silver , consisted of a new 40,000 SF complex with a main retail store, 4,500 SF Outdoor Living Area, support spaces, selected service and food concepts, and new gasoline sales with underground fuel storage and remote canopy with fueling islands and 4 dispensing pumps. In addition to site utilities, site preparation involved site over-excavation and removal of existing foundations, abandoned utilities and debris, and construction of new replacement fill. The project design and construction reflects the requirements of traditional Uniform Facilities Criteria, Uniform Facilities Guide Specifications, Malmstrom AFB Standards, and Federal Labor laws and policies. In addition, typical Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (with bio-swale) and Environmental Protection Plans were also required. The facility was completely finished with heating, air conditioning, fire protection, intrusion detection system and the design was compliant with AT/FP requirements. A 94 stall parking lot with lighting was provided and the facility was constructed with complete landscaping. The project was located at Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana. This location is subject to extreme winter temperatures. However, work was planned and executed on a year-round basis by implementing winter protective measures. Contractor value engineering reduced or offset some of the costs. Although the project was designed LEED Silver, the owner elected not to pursue certification and deducted costs for the formal LEED submittal efforts. Other unique aspects of this project included the foundation and floor slab, which was constructed on drilled piers with a suspended slab utilizing precast hollow-core concrete floor planks. This system was designed in response to expansive soil found at the site. A permanent water evacuation system was placed in the crawl space below the suspended floor slab. Also, a glycol loop radiant heating system was installed within the front entranced area to providing conditioning during winter weather.