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Armament Overhaul/Test Facility


This project was for the design-build of a shop facility used to overhaul aircraft weapons systems with an attached indoor firing range for test firing 20 mm and 30 mm guns. The shop portion is approx. 13,000 SF, single story, with administrative areas, offices, restrooms, and shop area with both open and enclosed spaces. It is a steel frame structure with a masonry wainscot and a standing seam metal roof. The 7,000 SF gun range is a concrete structure with heavy blast doors and a large bullet trap area for receiving spent rounds. The gun range has an installed hydraulic power unit, computer control unit for firing the guns and recording technical gun information, an overhead air operated bridge crane, and ventilation system. The project was designed for AO/TF requirements and achieved points equal to LEED Silver. Energy usage design exceeded ASHRAE 90.1 by more than 30%. The project also included site development, project fencing on-site parking lot, extensions of electrical, water, and gas lines, and the demolition of an existing firing range structure.


HHI has performed in an outstanding manner as a Prime Contractor and design-builder. On this project, they were able to (1) accept a major user change that revised the shooting range design after the initial design was substantially complete. This change was accomplished at a reasonable cost and without time delays and extended overhead to the project, and (2) HHI accepted a design to add a complex hydraulic power unit to the project, this again was done without significant project delays. HHI has demonstrated that they can bring together and manage a team to perform very complex design-build work and to respond to user changes as the need may occur.

Click here to watch the testing of the 30MM Gun Muffler.