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Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel

Location of Work:

Dugway Proving Ground, Utah


HHI acted as a subcontractor to Battelle for this job. There were two facilities as part of this overall project on which HHI performed work. These buildings include the JABT and the ASC each well over 25,000 square foot structures with heights ranging from 30 to 45 feet. Work included deep pile foundations, concrete floors, chemical resistant epoxy flooring, mechanical ventilation, compressed air system, electrical lighting, extensive controls to monitor and testing. HHI also handled equipment installation, including air compressor, air lines, flexible duct, ventilation system, filtration system, swing gate installation, pressure sensors, hoists and a remote weather station.  HHI ensured there were separate power supplies to roof winches, six separate main control panels, and wiring to all mechanical equipment and dissemination test equipment.

Letter From Battelle:

Dear Cliff,

As the Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel project ends, let me go on record in saying that HHI Corporation is the best subcontractor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. All of your people are dedicated professionals who more than earned every penny on your contract.
HHI staff provided more than just the muscle to get the job done. You contributed significantly to the design and engineering required to turn this facility into reality. Your staff was very willing to work with us during several requirements changes that impacted HHI's work, accommodating the changes with minimal impact on schedule and cost without sacrificing the very high quality standard that is your trademark.
I appreciate your personal involvement and the enthusiasm you showed on this project. Your support and willingness to lead by example went a long way to satisfying my customer that the people on the ground were the "best value" and had the success of this very important project uppermost in their minds.
In short your integrity, dedication and ability to deliver more than promised on time and on budget have earned my respect and admiration. I'm glad you are on board for the ongoing Active Standoff Camber project and look forward to working long succession of projects together

Warm regards,

C. David Salyer
Program Manager