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C-130 Fuel Ventilation System

Location of Work:

Hill AFB, Utah


HHI designed, fabricated and installed eight C-130 fuel ventilation stands for Hill AFB, Utah. In addition to meeting the minimum safety requirements, the fuel ventilation system is also designed to improve the comfort and working conditions for the mechanics by providing a minimum of 300 CFM of conditioned air to the inside of each confined space. The system, in all ranges of operation, has sufficient back pressure to deliver the required CFM through the small ports without causing back pressure "pulses" or other damaging effects to the ventilation system components. The system included provisions as required to keep the system operating noise at an OSHA approved safe level (85 db) without requiring the use of ear plugs while working on the wings. System provides ventilation hoses to seven confined spaces; the hoses allow for tool-less connections, and we designed a system to keep them out of the “walk zone” so they are not a trip hazard. "Basic user controls" included; single on/off switch which controls both fan units simultaneously, green and red lights indicating run or fault status for each fan unit, alarm indicating high pressure fault, clogged filter indicator, desired discharge temperature setting, actual discharge temperature reading (reading to be taken at exit from high pressure fan), actual air velocity in each distribution duct (4 per wing, 8 per aircraft), and a diagram which defines the safe air velocity levels for these confined spaces.