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Hydraulic Flight Control

Location of Work:

Hill AFB Base, Utah


The work consisted of the design and construction of a new 929 square meters per floor 2-story added structure to existing Building 503 with 1,579 SM (17,000 SF) to facilitate open industrial space and its supporting space. 2778 square meters (29,902 SF) of the existing building were demolished and renovated creating repair shops, test areas, LEAN cells, administration space and training areas. Industrial space is located on each floor for conducting aircraft hydraulic component test and repair work. Supporting facility includes office space for unit chiefs, toilet rooms, central hydraulic room, mechanical room, electrical and communications room. Elevators for HC personal and equipment and stairs were provided for vertical transportation. Construction is reinforced concrete foundation slab, steel frame structure with masonry veneer, and low sloped roofing system. Exterior finishes matched appearance of the adjacent existing Building 503. The design-build project included development of design deliverables for reviews, sustainable design using LEED rating system, anti-terrorism/force protection, design deliverables for construction, grading, relocation/protection of utilities, utility service connections and runs, fire protection/life safety systems, handicapped accessibilities, EMCS, HVAC, all necessary conduits and cabling, plumbing, mechanical system, interior utilities, interior/exterior finishes, exterior security lighting, parking, landscape and irrigation system, signage, and all necessary features yielding a safe, complete, and usable facility/facility for its intended use. This project was completed one month ahead of schedule and earned an Above Average Rating from the US Army Corps of Engineers.