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Individual Protection Ensemble Mannaquin System

Description and Location of Work:

For this project, HHI was the installation subcontractor to MRI-Global.  HHI constructed the stainless steel test chamber at the project site.  Construction of the IPEMS test chamber occurred within the existing chemical laboratory Building 4165 at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. The existing building was modified to contain this new chamber for the testing of suits to be worn by soldiers in chemical warfare environments. HHI's work included demolition activities inside Building 4165 followed by the construction and installation of the new stainless steel test chamber, control room, and associated mechanical and electrical support equipment. Outside of the facility, HHI constructed a new equipment yard consisting of generators, exhaust fans, stacks, chiller, air handler, and HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Abatement)/HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorbent) filter banks to support the new test chamber. The final phase of the HHI contract included verification of system level performance in conjunction with the prime contractor responsible for the chemical dissemination system. The complete system is designed to allow the physical testing of live chemical warfare agents in a safe environment. HHI was a member of a highly integrated team tasked with the construction, commissioning, and verification of this project. HHI's prime responsibility was the construction of the test environment (test chamber and associated mechanical equipment) and building modifications required to contain the chemical agent during all phases of testing. Close coordination of the building equipment yard was required to insure that the other prime contractors requirements were accommodated, which included interface with robotics, sensor, and membrane contractors. From a safety perspective, a unique challenge and project requirement was the highly sophisticated mechanical ventilating system, which incorporates five different negative cascading pressure zones, operating in a flawless fashion with zero leakage at the Primary Chamber. The ground zero test chamber where live agent is dispersed, is constructed entirely of field welded stainless steel components, incorporating a dual air-lock APR (Air Pressure Resistant) door, with interlocking controls to the stand-alone chamber BMS (Building Management System) for overall chamber control.