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Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Replacement

Location of Work:

Hill Air Force Base, Utah


Design-Build - Remove two large liquid storage tanks from the Industrial Waste Treatment Plant (IWTP) at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. One tank (T-05) is approximately 25 feet in diameter and 24 feet high. The other tank (T-04) is approximately 45 feet in diameter and 24 feet high. Both tanks handle liquids with a PH range from 1 to 14. Chemicals treated in the tanks include, HCl, NaOH, H2SO4, NaOCl, KOH, CrO3, Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acidic Acid (EDTA) as well as others in smaller amounts. Both tanks were common steel with a coating and both were corroding. They were replaced with tanks of the same size and of a material capable of handling this range of PH with a reasonable life expectancy. Demolished and removed the existing tanks. Evaluated existing concrete foundations. Designed and installed the new tanks. Provided and installed new top mounted mixers. Re-designed and configured pipe connections to comply with FEMA seismic requirement.