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Aircraft Wheel Workbench


HHI designed, patented, and built a new Wheel Maintenance Workbench for the 62nd Maintenance Squadron at McChord AFB in Washington. We designed a workbench that holds 6 of the tires at a time and lifts them 24 inches off the ground so they are at an easier level to work at. One of the great features we added is a safety cutoff that is triggered when the platform touches anything on its way back to the ground. The new workbench also holds the 450 pound tires upright so there is no risk of them falling on the technician.

Exerpt From the Article in the Air Force News:

"The machine is really turning out to be a good investment for McChord and the Air Force," said Owen. "We are easily able to turn out 12 wheels in a four-hour period." C-17 tires undergo a routine inspection every 120-days; at which time all 14 tires are removed from the aircraft and brought to the wheel and tire shop for maintenance. The machine is capable of holding six, 450-pound wheel assemblies at a time, which are rolled by hand onto a ramp and placed onto a conveyer belt. The machine's platform has the capability to raise 24 inches, making the tires sit at an optimal waist-height work level. In the past, work was done on the shop floor with technicians bent at the waist for the entire process with wheel chocks being used to stabilize the tires. "The new machine alleviates the need to work bent at the waist for almost the entire break-down of the wheel," said 1st Lt. Naomi Ballard, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Flight commander. "It's also a safer way to work because the stand holds the tires upright, which eliminates the possibility that the tires will fall over while my guys are working on it."

Click here to watch the Wheel Workbench in action.