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Paving of the Ogden Defense Depot

Location of Work:

US Army Reserve Vehicle Maintenance Area (Former) Defense Depot Ogden, Utah


Replacement paving of an existing Military Equipment Parking (MEP) Area and New Construction of a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Parking Area. Includes new security fencing and lighting. Also includes the demolition of buildings 259 and 260 that were located in construction site and the removal of an abandoned loading ramp and railroad tracks. The project will provide an asphalt overlay, with a build up for a small crown in the center of the parking area, allowing drainage East and West to the extent possible. The general design approach allowed existing concrete pavements to remain in place on the South end of the property including the road (concrete covered with A/C). The existing utilities inside the general area of pavement were raised to continue their function. The existing drainage structure was re-used. Added a drainage structure to the SW corner area of the property. The existing A/C pavement in the center area was milled and the materials reused in the new grade construction. The existing gravel base on the North end of the property was also reused. New chain link fence was installed as indicated on pre-design sketches. Bumper blocks were installed to protect the new chain link fence on the North end of the POV parking area. Area lighting was provided for the POV lot, with lighting similar to Hill AFB lighting standards for illumination.