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C-130 Sun Shades and Weather Protection


During depot level maintenance, Hill Air Force Base perfoms fuel system defueling and fueling operations on the C-130 aircraft. This project is to install a new Sun shade, weather protection systems in the (2) C-130 fuel docks and will support overhead trolley rail style fall arrest systems. This will allow aircraft to be covered and the mechanics to be easily maintain OSHA approved I 00% fall protection coverage, but will also improve worker safety as well as improve worker efficiency. This contract is to design, fabricate, and install a Sun Shade, Weather protection system with a fall protection systems for (2) C-130 fuel docks. The systems are to be approximately 150' wide, 70' deep and approximately 46'clear height in the center and provide support for an overhead trolley rail type fall arrest system for workers working at elevated heights. The contractor performed design, manufacture and install a sun shade that will support a complete and fully operational overhead trolley rail style fall arrest system (F AS) into the two C- 130 fuel docks at Hill AFB. Each sun shade is to be designed, manufactured, and installed per the contract requirements and 25% Design Package of drawings included with this solicitation. Each C-130 fuel dock will have its own independent sun shade that will support an overhead rigid trolley rail style F AS system with multiple users connected to each rail via trolleys with self retracting lifeline (SRL) devices. Each system is to include sun shade and all rails, trolleys, SRL's., support structures and associated components and hardware required in order to provide fall protection coverage for workers under the prescribe size for the C-130 aircraft while docked in one of two Fuel docks. Each FPS (fall protection system) is to be permanently installed here at Hill AFB and is to be completely suspended from and supported by the new Sun shade and weather protection system. Each FPS will not interfere with the lighting or seismic bracing for the lights and be a fully functional FPS. Once installed, each FPS and the Sun shade support system must provide adequate clearance for docking the C I 30 tail first without requiring any additional set up or modifications to the FPS system and the sun shade system. Each sun shade, weather protection with FPS is to have a certified PE (professional engineer) seal which certifies that the system can support all loads imposed by the fall arrest system and the sun shade system requirements for wind lift and snow loads.