History of HHI

In 1971, a physicist left his well-paying university job to fulfill his dream of becoming a contractor. He picked up his hammer and nails and went to work. There was a lot of sweat, some smashed thumbs, grumbling, tears (of joy we think), and shouts of both happiness and anger. It was not easy, but the Physicist earned respect for his work. He learned from his mistakes, and became familiar with the rules of the game. As he built his dream and his operation grew, the Physicist surrounded himself with a team that learned and grew with him.

At the end of 40 years of hard work the Physicist, Don Hokanson, had built HHI Corporation into a thriving contracting company. Don developed an intimate knowledge of working on government contracts. With his team, including his son Cliff who joined the team in 1994, he has completed many projects at Hill Air Force Base, Dugway Proving Grounds, McConnell Air Force Base, and many other military establishments across the country. As HHI grew and became more skilled they added fabrication and specialized equipment installation to the company’s repertoire. The team Don trained became excellent problem solvers, and excelled at tough design-build projects.

In 2011, Don Hokanson began his well-earned retirement. His dedication to the company he built remains constant. His son and daughter-in-law, Cliff and Regina Hokanson, jointly purchased HHI and continue to lead the company in the proud legacy Don leaves behind. Under their direction, HHI has made many great business connections, and have delved even deeper into tough design-builds and specialized fabrication.

In 2013, HHI Corporation expanded to new headquarters located in the beautiful Ogden Valley, turning a historic brickyard into a thriving 54-acre construction and manufacturing campus. We honor the efforts that generations of brick makers and cooperating individuals have made in the past and express our gratitude for the legacy that they left behind. Our campus is honored to incorporate many of their products in the architecture of our campus.

Today, HHI is a team of engineering and construction professionals that is dedicated to value-engineering, and solving tough construction problems. HHI thrives on construction projects of various complexities and we consider each project a personal representation of our values. We have designed and built products in our fabrication shop that have streamlined maintenance processes including aircraft maintenance stands, aircraft tire trailers, and aircraft tire workbenches to list a few. We have also developed our “Green” side; HHI has LEED certified personnel and have built “green” buildings like the Child Development Center at Hill Air Force Base, which received a LEED Silver certification.

More than ever, the HHI team is ready for any job; whether it is big or small, easy or tough; we are the team for the job. We provide innovative construction solutions, on-time, within budget, safely, and with top-of-the-line quality. We are looking forward to a bright future serving you in all your construction and fabrication needs.