AH-64 Stand

AH-64 Stand

The AH-64 package consists of four stands: the nose, fuselage/engine, and the tail. Each maintenance and inspection stand is designed and engineered to provide access to key areas of the aircraft. This allows maintainers to accomplish beneficial preventative maintenance necessary for the aircraft more effectively. That is because our stands provide an elevated, secure area, giving maintainers the access to critical mechanical areas while protecting the aircraft from scratching or other unfortunate damages. For more information, contact us through our Request More Information form.


  • Nose, Fuselage, and Tail Rotor stands
  • Auto-closing safety gates
  • Heavy duty toggle clamp connections
  • Adjustable deck sliders with rubber bumpers that extend to securely fit around contours of the aircraft
  • Structural Aluminum components
  • Swivel-Eaz casters allowing movability of stand
  • Safety Yellow colored power coated handrails
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck flooring
  • Height Adjustability via screw jacks
  • Modular, innovative design
  • OSHA compliant

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