B-52 Stand

B-52 Stand

B-52 Fuel Stands contain the needed elements to help you and your team achieve your maintenance goals. The B-52 Fuels stands provide a safe, OSHA complaint means of accessing under wing panels on the B-52, with the use of (3) different stands, an inner wing, mid wing, and outer wing areas. With the use of these stands, the entire length of the B-52 under wing can be accessed. The stands are constructed of structural aluminum and fused together with AWS grade welds allowing our product to help any team achieve success through the quality work we provide. For more information, contact us through our Request More Information form.


  • (1) Inner Wing, (1) Mid Wing, and (1) Outer Wing Stand
  • High capacity lifting jacks
  • Fast-track design, fabrication, and assembly
  • Fuel bay compliant
  • Heavy-duty casters allowing movability of stand
  • Safety Yellow colored power coated handrails
  • Structural Aluminum components
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck flooring
  • Height Adjustability via screw jacks
  • Modular, innovative design
  • OSHA compliant

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