F-18 Stand

F-18 Stand

Having trouble reaching tough spots on your aircraft? Still using ladders to perform maintenance? Here at HHI Corporation, we have created the solution to your problems. Our F-18 Maintenance stands are exactly what you need! Our 11-stand system allows quick and easy access to all hard-to-reach aircraft areas. Specifically designed to hit all the key maintenance areas of the F-18 aircraft, our (11) Stand system provides access to the Fuselage, inner and outer forward wing, inner and outer aft wing, and tail railing system. This F-18 maintenance stand system is a maintainer’s dream. For more information, contact us through our Request More Information form.


  • Compatible with both configurations of the wing, either up, or out.
  • Automatic-closing swing gate
  • Variable height staircases allowing easy adjustments and access to work deck surfaces.
  • Adjustable deck sliders with rubber bumpers that extend to securely fit around contours of the aircraft
  • Heavy-duty Swivel-Eaz casters allowing movability of stand
  • Safety Yellow colored power coated handrails
  • Slip Resistance Diamond Deck flooring
  • Height Adjustability via screw jacks
  • Modular, innovative design
  • OSHA compliant
  • Structural Aluminum components

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