UDM Stand

UDM Stand

Having trouble finding the right stand for your aircraft? Wanting an option that fits all your fleets’ needs? Look no further! The Universal Deployable Maintenance & Inspection Stand is the perfect fit for you. With adjustable heights and OSHA compliant self-leveling access stairs paired with extendable deck sliders, these stands facilitate crew access to any point on your aircraft. Designed to be used wherever an elevated platform is needed, these platforms are lightweight, easy to move and provide easy positioning around the aircraft. For more information, contact us through our Request More Information form.

Testimonial: “The Universal Deployable Maintenance & Inspection Stands are nice to have because they are able to be broken down and deployed quickly. The adjustable flooring sections are especially nice for our aircraft needs.” – CPT Jacob Young of the 601st ASB 1st CAB 1st ID in Fort Riley, Kansas, USA


  • Height adjustable from 5’ to 7’ in elevation at deck
  • Independent, mobile staircase can be positioned on either side of stand
  • Multiple configurations available, customized to your individual needs
  • Adjustable deck sliders with rubber bumpers that extend to securely fit around contours of the aircraft
  • Light weight, corrosion resistant materials
  • Telescoping handrails
  • Heavy-duty Swivel-Eaz casters allowing movability of stand
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck flooring
  • Height Adjustability via screw jacks
  • OSHA compliant

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