UH-60 U Wrap Around Stand

UH-60 U Wrap Around Stand

Frustrated with not being able to work on both ground and elevated areas of your aircraft simultaneously? Look no further! HHI’s UH-60 U Wrap Around Stand is the solution to your problem. By providing a work surface that wraps around the aircraft but is elevated enough not to interrupt ground work, this stand allows simultaneously work to be performed on the aircraft while maintaining easy access to side doors and landing gear when in use. For more information, contact us through our Request More Information form.


  • Automatic closing swing gate
  • Nose, Fuselage and Engine stands
  • Easily adjusted variable height staircase
  • Adjustable deck sliders with rubber bumpers that extend to securely fit around contours of the aircraft
  • Structural Aluminum components
  • Heavy-duty Swivel-Eaz casters allowing movability of stand
  • Safety Yellow colored power coated handrails
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck flooring
  • Height Adjustability via screw jacks
  • Modular, innovative design
  • OSHA & AFOSH compliant

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