For Release
April 7, 2020

Media Contact
Devin Brown

Ready to combat COVID-19: HHI Corporation has begun fabrication of Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs

These modular systems have been designed to assist federal and state governments by providing temporary facilities with an increased medical capacity nation-wide.

Ogden, Utah, April 7, 2020 – HHI Corporation is proud to announce it has begun fabrication of two systems to provide COVID-19 patient care. Systems include Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs. Both prefabricated systems can be installed inside or outside a variety of facilities where treatment of COVID-19 patients is taking place, such as hospitals, hotels or convention centers. The units have been designed to be transportable and modular for quick installation. These systems will be available for shipment by the end of April 2020.

10 Mobile Triage Units are currently planned for fabrication, with a possibility of 20 additional units. HHI intends to donate, at no cost, the first completed system to a federal or state organization with an immediate need.

The layout of the Mobile Triage Units includes four patient rooms with three beds each, nurses stations and support equipment. Systems for the units include electrical systems powered by diesel generators or shore connections, ventilation systems with HEPA filtration, and potable water/waste connections. Using six heavily modified shipping containers and one fabricated equipment skid, this system will be shipped in pieces and then assembled on-site.

Optional design features for the Mobile Triage Units include medical gas lines and storage, general waste storage, medical waste storage, soiled linen storage, and an additional diesel fuel cell. The configuration of the system can also be changed for temporary showers, bathrooms, or laundry services.

Portable Test Labs have been designed to provide comprehensive testing services for COVID-19. Transaction windows on the outside of the unit with exposure protection guards are included for medical staff with hand washing stations. The unit is divided into three isolated areas and includes a registration area, testing laboratory, and a nurses station. The unit’s HVAC system is designed to prevent the spread of contaminated particles. One single unit makes up this system and no assembly is required on-site.

Teaming agreements have been established with mechanical and electrical subcontractors who can perform installation work in any major metropolitan area in the U.S. This will enable HHI and its team to quickly install and connect systems to existing power and water connections, if available. In locations where no existing connections are present, systems will be equipped with generators, fresh water and grey water systems. For ReleaseApril7, 2020

For more information on the Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs, please visit

Those wishing to receive the first donated Mobile Triage Unit can submit a request by visiting Statements of Need will be received until April 15, 2020, 5:00pm MDT. An announcement will be made April 17, 2020, regarding the selected organization.

All systems will be fabricated at HHI’s Ogden, Utah, fabrication facilities which include a 100,000 SF fabrication building, 25,000 SF high-bay with 20-ton bridge crane and industrial paint and blast booths. HHI’s 54-acre campus will provide extensive space to assemble, store and test these new medical systems.

“HHI is committed to bettering the lives of those close to home and around the world. We will use innovative measures like the Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs to combat COVID-19.We are proud to be a part of the dynamic and specialized team helping provide solutions in this time of need.”

–President of HHI Corporation, Regina Hokanson.

About HHI Corporation: HHI is a general contractor with 49 years of in-depth experience and has completed some of the most challenging projects for the Department of Defense (DoD). Using both its experience in construction and manufacturing, HHI has provided innovative solutions to complex problems for its military clients. Construction experience includes over 40 Design-Build chemical and biological test facilities (BSL laboratories), munitions maintenance facilities, military aircraft hangars and other industrial/institutional facilities. Manufacturing experience includes aircraft maintenance stands, chemical and biological test chambers, paint and blast booths, containerized biological containment transport units and ground support equipment for aircraft.